About ngCorp

Hello There! I am Meet Shah, Founder of NG India. I Founded NG India with Raj Shah in 2019 and ever since it has been the most satisfying and happening roller coaster ride bringing contentment daily, with the guidance of Rajesh Punetha Joining us as associate director in 2021, Our journey has taken an exponential curve thanks to his industry wisdom of more than 2 Decades!

Coming from a lineage of Consumer Durables and with a bug of entrepreneurship, We started looking for problems in the CE Space and came up with india’s 1st EyeSafe TVEarSafe Headphones and are on our way to launch AirSafe AC’s soon…

We are proud to say that we are among the very few startups selected by NITI AAYOG, and currently incubated at Atal Incubation Center at Mumbai, under Government’s Atal Innovation Mission

Team Behind the Magic

Meet Shah

Founder, CEO

Raj Shah

Co-Founder, CTO